The Boulevard Senior Living – St. Charles Utilizes Organization to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Being organized can help you feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed, while disorganization can lead to an increased stress level and depression. Clutter leads to heightened stress levels. So, not only is decluttering office spaces and storage rooms a relaxing task, but it can also provide a better understanding of inventory and space requirements. 

When you prioritize organization, you give yourself time to focus on what really matters, like your daily schedule and tasks. This allows you to concentrate on what needs to be completed that day, instead of where you put the tools and materials you need to finish the items on your to-do list. 

Organization creates a calm mind which brings answers to the forefront of a problem. Here at The Boulevard Senior Living – St. Charles, Plant Operations is focusing on lowering our stress with better organization to create improved productivity.

Some tasks I perform to stay organized are checking with the marketing team every morning to find out what their needs are as far as apartment flips. Next, I pull up work orders and complete the oldest tickets first. This is how I start each day.

When my physical space is organized, I feel relieved. It is a great feeling to see my desk cleaned off, all the invoices finished, and my workspace is neat.

I feel stressed or overwhelmed when I come into my office and see all the paperwork still needing to be completed and an office in disarray.

No matter what your job or occupation, the time spent managing your workspace and work area will pay off greatly with reduced anxiety and greater yield.