Living an engaged and independent life.

Personal assistance is more than just getting you through the day. Getting the help you need is all about getting back to thriving and living an independent life!

Assisted living apartments at The Boulevard were designed from the ground up with the needs of seniors in mind. By utilizing both technology and third-party vendors, our care plans are tailor-made to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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We don’t do cookie cutter at The Boulevard. Every resident is unique and by collaborating between the resident, family, Director of Wellness, and third party vendors, we can create a comprehensive blueprint unique to each resident’s situation and goals.

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Personal care is just a piece of the senior living puzzle. By combining personal care with quality dining and nutrition, events, and more, we focus on the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

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Needing personal care can be an extremely isolating experience. But we need connection to thrive – and that’s a huge part of what assisted living offers to residents. By bringing all of the services and amenities together, we are addressing the problems of depression and isolation. Get involved and get engaged!

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Nutrition isn’t just about getting X, Y, and Z into your body. A quality experience is a balance of great food, good company, and positive experience. That’s where dining at The Boulevard really shines – bringing together all of the pieces to create great experiences every day. Enjoy the same service and quality as you would find at your favorite restaurant.

Next Level

Put simply, we can provide a higher class of care than the typical Missouri assisted living community. There are a few things we cannot do, such as 24-hour IVs or stage-4 wound care – but our holistic approach and licensing allows a surprising list of services. Bottom line, our goal is for you to call The Boulevard a home for life.

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What goals have you been considering? We are here to work together with you to achieve them. Let’s go beyond just considering the day-to-day and work together with physicians, therapists, our staff, and family to come up with a unique and creative plan to get you where you want to go.

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Respecting your dignity begins with respecting your privacy. Just because you need some extra help doesn’t mean you need it publicly.