Quality care for those who need it most.

It isn’t clear what is more difficult – caring for a loved one with dementia or choosing the step of considering senior living. That’s why we want to start the conversation early and take the process slowly.

We believe peace of mind begins with confidence that your loved one is receiving quality care. That’s why our staff participates in ongoing training. Our goal is for you to have that peace of mind so you can step back from caregiving and start to be family again.

The Boulevard of St. Charles Named Best Memory Care Community in St. Louis Area by MemoryCare.com

We are proud to be named one of MemoryCare.com’s best memory care communities in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The rating factors our location, the availability of experts in memory care and gerontology, community features, and amenities.

Memory Care Apartments

Memory care is a different kind of environment where we want to strike the right balance between guiding residents’ routines and privacy. It is important that each resident has a private space to call their own while ensuring that there are opportunities for engagement and access to the necessities of life.

Monthly fees starting at $4,540*

Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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Strong relationships are the cornerstone of quality care. That’s why we pair Life Enrichment Coordinators and residents as a team – to develop bonds of trust and friendship. By interacting with the same residents every day, we can focus on developing individualized communication skills to identify small changes to health and wellness.

We are sensitive to the need for a secure memory care for the inevitable difficulties of memory loss like wandering and exit seeking. But just because we are focused on security doesn’t mean that the community needs to feel like a secure place. Part of the ground-up design of The Boulevard was to build a community that feels independent and open and allows residents easy navigation and freedom.


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Life Stations

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Specialized stations called Life Stations™ are a core part of the engagement process at The Boulevard. Each station resembles a different aspect of life and allows residents to engage in individualized and/or guided ways with our Life Enrichment Coordinators.

As a caregiver, engaging a loved one with memory loss can seem like a constant, impossible task and many times the only option can feel like limiting the senior’s activity. That’s where senior living really shines – by putting all of the pieces together we are taking on the difficult tasks to ensure that residents are engaged with life in their unique way.


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Specialized Dining

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One undeniably difficult symptom of memory loss is the toll it takes on diet. From changing tastes to loss of appetite and even medication interactions, ensuring a quality diet is a nearly impossible task. That’s why a robust dining strategy is one of the core features of our memory care cottage.

Thinking of the typical morning routine – get up, shower, wash, dry, comb, brush, dress… It’s a routine that we have been doing so long that we take it for granted. But for someone with dementia, every part of that routine can be a challenge. That’s why we are focused on the routine for every resident to live with the dignity of being well groomed and well dressed. And it’s also why we provide a trip to the community’s salon as a standard, included service.

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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Providing care for residents with dementia is a highly specialized skill – one that we develop with best courses in empathy, communication, and personal care.

Did you know The Boulevard also has an adult day program?

Designed for caregivers and families who need a break.

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