Little bundles of furry energy.

Studies have shown that pets are a great way to improve wellness. At The Boulevard, pets are family, plain and simple. No senior should need to make the impossible decision between the benefits of senior living and keeping their beloved pet. SO – bring Ol’ Yeller along! We’ll even provide care if you need.

Individualized Service Plans

Care plans. For pets. That’s how much we want to see Mr. Fizzlepants thrive at The Boulevard. If you aren’t able to provide care – or if there is a time when you don’t want to – we can provide all kinds of services to provide the help you need.

Every pet has a shot

Wait! Don’t write off your pet because of arbitrary clichés about apartment living! At The Boulevard, we threw those rules out the window. Instead, let’s get together to meet your pet to discuss how best to accommodate their needs.

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